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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner DC15 The Ball

We have all had difficulty maneuvering our traditional vacuum cleaners around the room. Vacuum cleaners were made to move forwards and backwards. They were not designed to move from side to side or to easily make turns. Their wheels are fixed and steering is done by brute force.

Well, not anymore. The Dyson DC15 The Ball uses a new technology that will change the way you look at vacuum cleaners. Instead of using four individual wheels for mobility, it uses a single ball that is about the size of a soccer ball. This allows the vacuum to move in whatever direction you want it. The vacuum brush is able to swivel on a joint with the vacuum body. This makes it easy to get into hard to reach places, such as around table legs.

The Dyson Ball comes in a variety of trim levels, such as: All Floors, Animal, Total Clean, and Full Kit. The All Floors trim is the basic package that comes with a 5 year warranty, a telescopic hose for hard to reach places and heights, a lifetime air filter, a channel for large dirt and debris, and a motorized brush bar. The motorized brush bar allows the vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt trapped in your carpet without using a vacuum belt.

The Animal was designed for people with pets. It comes with all options of the All Floors trim plus a carpet cleaning kit, a vacuum accessory tool for cleaning pet hair out of carpet and furniture, and an extra tool for low and hard to reach places.

The Total Clean kit has all of the All Floors items plus a stiff brush, the pet hair tool, and tool to clean the dust out of your mattress and comforter. The DC15 Full Kit also has the same features of the All Floors plus it comes with the pet hair tool, a tool for hard floors, and it comes with an extra lifetime air filter. The benefit of the extra filter is that when you are cleaning your original filter, you can use the spare in the vacuum and continue cleaning.

The DC15 Ball is perfect for people with limited mobility who are not able to get around easily. People with joint and muscle pain will find the Dyson Ball to be a much easier form of cleaning than their traditional vacuums.