dyson vacuum guide

<h3>Dyson Animal Vacuum</h3>

The Dyson Animal Vacuum is perfect for people with pets who shed. Anyone with a cat or dog who lives inside the house knows how difficult it is to clean up all of the pet hair. The hair gets stuck to the carpet, to couches, and almost every surface.

Traditional vacuum cleaners end up getting clogged with pet hair. The hair can get trapped in the brush, belt, filter, and once it is in the bag, it can cause to a loss in suction.

The Dyson Animal avoids these problems and offers relief to pet owners. Dyson’s cyclone technology was designed to separate pet hair from the hair that is pulled through the vacuum. The cyclone is a three stage process. It first removes large debris, the air then passes through a strainer which removes pet hair and carpet fibers, and lastly it removes fine particles of dirt, before releasing clean air back into the room.

The Animal comes with a separate vacuum accessory specifically made for pet hair. It is a tool that attaches to the vacuum and uses the vacuums suction brush pet hair out of carpet and furniture.

The Animal is a trim version in the different models. It can be purchased in the DC07, DC14, and the DC15. The DC17 Animal is the only version of the DC17 model, which uses an advanced version of the Dyson root cyclone technology.