dyson vacuum guide

Dyson Vacuum Accessories

Like all vacuum cleaners, the Dyson models come with a variety of accessories. Depending on the model and trim you purchase you may have some accessories, but may be looking for some additional Dyson accessories, which can be purchased separately. Most of these tools work with any Dyson model and attach to the vacuum hose or wand.

The Mini Turbine Head is used to clean pet hair from carpets and furniture.

The Stiff Bristle Brush is use to clean caked on dirt that is hard to remove. This tool should not be used on delicate floors.

The Low Reach Floor Tool was designed to clean under furniture and hard to reach places. It attaches to the wand and is available for all models.

The Mattress Tool cleans your mattress, comforters, and upholstery. It attaches to the hose or wand, and is available for all models.

The Stair Tool picks up hairs and has air holes so the tool will not stick to certain surfaces. It attaches to the hose or wand and is available for all models.

The Hard Floor Tool was specifically designed for improved cleaning of hard floors without scratching or marring them.

The Soft Dusting Brush attaches to the vacuum to delicately dust fans, TVs, and blinds.

The Crevice Tool was designed to reach tight spaces.

The Flexi Crevice Tool flexes and extends to fit into tight and awkward spaces, such as the space on the sides of the refrigerator.

The Car Cleaning Kit comes with a case that holds the Stiff Bristle Brush, the Flexi Crevice Tool, and a Car Turbine Head, which is similar to the Mini Turbine Head.

You more than likely will not need all of the Dyson vacuum accessories, but there is a tool available to make cleaning easier!