dyson vacuum guide

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson makes some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market today. While they are expensive to purchase in the beginning, they will save you money in the long run with little to no maintenance and no bags, belts, or filters to buy and replace.

The main selling point of the Dyson cleaner is that it never loses suction. Most people find that their vacuum cleaners stop picking up debris on the floor as their vacuum gets clogged with everything it sucks up. Dyson avoids this by using their ‘centrifugal’ technology which spins the air at a high velocity, like a cyclone, and separates the dirt and debris from the air. The Dyson vacuum cleaner uses a three stage process to remove large debris, hair and carpet fluff, and lastly small dirt particles.

There is another added benefit to the Dyson cyclone. Because the dirt is completely removed from the air, this leaves only clean air that exits the vacuum. The traditional vacuum cleaner will expel air that smells like whatever was just sucked up. In addition, because traditional vacuums do not separate the dirt from the air, the air that leaves the vacuum is still dirty! Newer vacuum cleaners have started using HEPA filters to clean the air before it is released. The problem with these filters is that they can become clogged, which reduces suction, or can become dirty themselves and need to be replaced. The Dyson does use a filter, but it is a lifetime filter that never needs to be replaced; however, occasionally it should be cleaned. The air that leaves the vacuum is actually cleaner than before it passed through.

Because the Dyson never gets clogged, it can literally work on almost any type of surface. It is able to clean hard floors such as tile, wood, and vinyl and can immediately go to being used on carpet. Due to its design it works just as effectively on hardwoods as it does Berber or plush carpets.

In the end, it is like the old saying, “you get what you pay for.” While the Dyson may be out of your price range at first, it will cost less over the long term with no expensive bags, belts, or filters that need to be replaced. They will also save you headache and grief over your existing vacuum cleaner which loses suction and stops picking everything up as it ages.