dyson vacuum guide

Which Dyson Vacuum

Dyson makes a variety of vacuum cleaners at a wide range of price points. Their least expensive vacuum, the handheld Dyson Root 6 can be purchased for around $150. The most expensive Dyson is the DC15 Animal which can cost as much as $600.

There is a Dyson available for almost any need. Almost all of the new Dyson’s come with a 5 year warranty, so you do not have to worry about any problems with the vacuum cleaner.

The least expensive is the Root 6, which is often called the Dyson Root Cyclone Vacuum. This is a handheld, battery operated cleaner that utilizes the same technology and does not lose suction.

The Dyson upright vacuum cleaners come in several models: DC07, DC14, DC15 The Ball, and the DC17 Animal. Each model can also come in a variety of trims such as: All Floors, Low Reach, Total Clean, Drive, Full Kit, Animal, Full Gear, Full Access, and Complete.

There is not a lot of difference between the different trims of each model. Some trims are specifically sold at certain retailers, such as the Total Clean is only sold at Sam’s Club, while the Drive is sold through Target, the Full Kit is sold at Costco, the Full Access is sold at Best Buy, and the Complete is sold at Sears.

All trims use the same technology; some of them just come with extra Dyson accessories. For example, the Low Reach comes with an extra tool for hard to reach places, but this tool does not come with the All Floors model. However, it does come with the Animal Full Gear, and Complete. It is best to concentrate on the models, and not the trims.

The entry level upright vacuum is the Dyson DC07. The DC07 comes in the following trims: All Floors; Low Reach; Animal; Full Gear: Original.

The next level is the Dyson DC14 which comes in the following trims: All Floors, Low Reach, Total Clean, Drive, Full Kit, Animal, Full Gear, Full Access, and Complete. The DC14 has the features of the DC07 plus a telescoping hose for hard to reach and high places. It also adds an extra channel to pick up extra large debris.

The DC15 vacuum is known as The Ball. Instead of having four standard wheels, it has one large round ball about the size of a soccer ball, which makes maneuvering the vacuum cleaner a breeze. The DC15 Ball comes in the following trims: All Floors, Animal, Total Clean, and Full Kit.

The DC17 Animal was specifically designed for people with pets. It uses an advanced version of their cyclone technology to pick up pet hair. It also has a separate attachment tool for picking up pet hair. The attachment tool is found in several other models.

Find the Dyson vacuum cleaner that is right for you, and go buy one today. They will save you headache from the problems you have with your traditional vacuum cleaner, and will save you money down the road from not having to buy bags, filters, or belts.